• Wiyono Aten

    Wiyono Aten

    App developer. Mobile. Cross-platform. London. Indonesian origin. NBA fan. Formerly software engineer at Shazam, now Bloomberg Mobile R&D. Opinions are my own.

  • Justin Fitzpatrick — DueDil

    Justin Fitzpatrick — DueDil

    Justin Fitzpatrick is the CEO and Co-founder of DueDil, a company intelligence platform that provides real-time insights on millions of SMEs.

  • Mark Ross

    Mark Ross

    Web developer based in Sheffield. I'm currently working at Inviqa

  • Jamie Cansdale

    Jamie Cansdale

    MicroISV, space freak & developer of http://TestDriven.Net (you can contact me here http://is.gd/2okZ5)

  • Dave Fisher

    Dave Fisher

    Innovation consultant, like for intelligent laziness, unrelated to being a husband and servant to my two boys... Opinions are my own

  • Laura Lamard

    Laura Lamard

    #SocialMedia frenchy working at Henkel. I tweet about business digitalisation, social selling, jokes, start-up ideas and a lot more to boost your day!

  • Matt Lacey

    Matt Lacey

    I help people create better apps. Also writing a book about it: http://www.mrlacey.com/book

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